Are there any status lights on the TripTrack to see when it is recording?

There is a blue LED on the device.

When the device is searching for satellites the blue light is solid (i.e. on). Once it has started recording, the blue light flashes.

We do recommend downloading weekly which minimises the amount of data which can be lost if there is a problem with the device.

Also be aware that the device has a one-year warranty so if there is a problem, we will swop it out.

What does the device look like?

The TripTrack™ device has a 3 centimeter long cord and connects to the USB port of your PC.

A supplied adaptor plug connects to the cigarette lighter socket of your car, and provides power to the device while you drive.
The TripTrack™ device and cigarette lighter adaptor fits neatly together into a compact package, which plugs into the socket of your car



Smooth Usage

How to use TripTrack with a new vehicle

You have two options:

you can either change your current vehicle in the system to have the new details:

  • Navigate to System Management
  • Click on Vehicles
  • Highlight the vehicle that you are interested in then click Edit
  • Change the data to reflect that of the new vehicle.

Alternatively, simply create a new vehicle and download the latest data onto that vehicle.

  • Navigate to System Management
  • Click on Vehicles
  • Click on New
  • Enter the appropriate data
  • Then when downloading, simply select this new vehicle from the list when downloading.

Option two is recommended.

I want to move the TripTrack folder somewhere else

The following steps should help:

  1. Most important!! Make a backup of your c:\triptrack folder
  2. Copy the c:\triptrack folder to D:\Data\triptrack
  3. Edit the D:\Data\triptrack\travelogue.ini file and change all references from c:\triptrack to d:\data\triptrack
  4. Update the shortcut on your Desktop from c:\triptrack to d:\data\triptrack
  5. Rename the c:\triptrack folder to c:\old-triptrack
  6. Start the application from your Desktop icon/shortcut – if it doesn’t work, then it means it was still pointing to the previous location.
  7. If it works, then you are know updating to the new location.

How do I transfer the data onto a new PC/Notebook?

Copying your TripTrack from one computer to another is a common and easy procedure:


  1. Copy the folder c:\triptrack from the old computer to the c: folder on the new computer. Use a USB Flash Disk if necessary.
  2. There should now be a folder called c:\triptrack on the new computer with a lot of files and folders.
  3. Install the Prolific USB-to-Serial driver by downloading and installing it from :
  4. When starting up the TripTrack software for the first time, you will need to get the unlock code for your new computer.
  5. A popup screen will ask for your contact details – enter these and press the ‘Register via Internet’ button (requires internet connection)
  6. You will then need to add your vehicle details again — these will not overwrite your current vehicle details.

You should now be able to use the software- when plugging your device in for the first time it will install the device driver (this could take a few minutes).

After this you can go to Data Management -> Direct Data Download -> GR102. It will automatically find the COM port. You then click on ‘Stop Recording’ and then ‘Download Data’ and select your vehicle.

How do I recalibrate the odometer value?

It will happen that a discrepancy develops between the Odometer reading on the vehicle and the estimated odometer reading that tripTrack displays.

  1. This can easily be rectified by going to System Management > Vehicles.
  2. Then edit the relevant vehicle.
  3. Enter the new odometer value in the Start Odometer field and change the date to the relevant date when the reading was taken.

Save these details, and your odometer reading should now be re-calibrated.

I have forgotten my password – how do I reset?

If the password is forgotten, you will need to reset it using the reset tool

You can download the ‘Password Reset’ tool here: and select the Password Reset tool

When you run it it will ask you for the location of the DB file and it is normally in the TripTrack installation folder (c:\triptrack\DB)

After it has reset the password, log in with ADMIN and no password.

I have installed my software from the CD – what now?

After the installation is complete, double click the tripTrack icon on the Desktop – this will start the application.

A popup screen will ask for your contact details – enter these and press the ‘Register via Internet’ button (requires internet connection)

You will then need to add your vehicle details and after these are entered and the button is pressed, this vehicle will be automatically put into your tripTrack software.
To view a video of this go to

You should now be able to use the software- when plugging your device in for the first time it will install the device driver (this could take a few minutes).

If the device driver cannot be found, then the Prolific driver needs to be installed – it can be found by opening up TripTrack and go to Help — Client Service. Then go to Downloads and save the ‘Latest Prolific Driver’ to your Desktop. After it has been downloaded the file should be run and if necessary the computer needs to be restarted.

After this you can go to Data Management -> Direct Data Download -> GR102. It will automatically find the COM port. You then click on ‘Stop Recording’ and then ‘Download Data’ and select your vehicle.
To view a video of this go to


How do I update multiple trip details in one go?

It is possible to change details for multiple trips simultaneously.

To do this go to Daily, Weekly or Monthly Trip Reports.

Select multiple trips by holding down the CTRL key while you click on the relevant trips. After you have selected all the trips you want you can release the CTRL key.

Right-click on the Trip Type entry on one of the selected trips and change the type. All the selected trips will now display the same trip type.

How do I print out my monthly report?

It is a good practice to print your monthly report and file them


  1. Open up the tripTrack software.
  2. Click on the ‘Reports / Queries’ menu option.
  3. Select the ‘Vehicle Trip Reports’ option and then choose the Monthly.
  4. Select the correct vehicle from the drop-down.
  5. Click on the ‘Print Report’ button at the bottom of the page.
  6. A screen will now display where you can choose which columns need to be in the report.
  7. Uncheck those columns which you don’t want in the report and click OK. (it is common to uncheck the Maximum Speed column)
  8. Ensure that the correct printer is displayed in the top-left corner
  9. Click the button to print out the report to the printer displayed.

How do I delete or archive some older trips?

It is good practice to archive your trip information from time to time.

Remember that archiving your trips will take them out of the TripTrack system (although you can re-import them if necessary)

The following steps will help:

  1. Go to Database Management and select Data Cleanup
  2. Select the relevant vehicle(s).
  3. Click the Export button
  4. Select the correct criteria – normally you can archive/export trips for tax periods that you have already completed and been assessed on.
  5. Click the OK button and the trips will be exported and removed from the TripTrack system

Is this is a problem? My car’s lighter socket is off when the car is switched off or the key removed from ignition

No problem

The TripTrack device does not need constant power, as it is an off-line device.

Infact, most of our clients have vehicles where the cigarette socket switches off when the ignition is off so this behaviour is quite normal.

How does one backup the data on a regular basis?

It is always a good idea to make frequent backups of all your data – TripTrack™ is no exception.

In terms of backing up the data, there is only one folder which should be included in your current backup process (generally this is C:\Program Files\TripTrack\DB\).

If you keep this folder backed up and keep the original install CD somewhere, then you will be able to restore quickly and easily.



Will I lose kilometers because I often drive out of a cell reception area?

The TripTrack device is not cell-based so cell reception will not affect the recording ability.

If I start the car and drive immediately will it take a while (km’s lost) before it records trip?

As mentioned above, all GPS devices suffer from a warm-up time when the device tries to find satellite reception.

The TripTrack device also uses GPS technology, so the same limitation exists, although we are constantly improving the device to improve start-up times.

The pertinent question one has to ask is whether a few kilometers a day missing is better than having to keep a manual logbook – which often results in no logbook and therefore no savings at all.

Does the equipment need to be linked continuously to a laptop while driving or can it be downloaded after travelling?

The device is a totally standalone device that gets its power from the cigarette lighter socket of your car.

We recommend that one download the data from the device once a week and then allocate these trips as Business or Private.

Can one transfer the TripTrack™ from one vehicle to another vehicle if you purchase a new vehicle?

Yes – you can transfer TripTrack™ device from one vehicle to another vehicle if you purchase a new vehicle.

When you setup TripTrack™, you get one licence (which equals one vehicle). Should you get a new vehicle (which replaces the old vehicle), then send us an email and we will send you a new licence for the second vehicle for free.

You will still have your old vehicle’s data (which you can use for your tax calculations).

Can one transfer the TripTrack™ software from one PC/laptop to another PC/laptop when one replaces the PC/laptop?

Yes – you can transfer the TripTrack™ software from one PC to another PC when one replaces the PC. We will resend you installation codes which you will need for free.

To preserve the data, you will also need to copy the existing database from your old PC to your new PC, but this is very easy.



Unit Recording Troubleshooter


  • The TripTrack unit needs constant power to record. A constant blue light on the front of the unit will indicate power. If no light appears, then the unit does not have power.
  • If the unit has gained signal, the blue light will flash constantly. If the light does not flash, it does not have signal and thus does will not record.
  • The unit takes some time to acquire signal if not on constant power when starting up, so be sure to check the indication light whether it has started flashing (recording) to ensure that you don’t lose any trip information (may take up to 2min to acquire signal – called a GPS Cold start).
  • Having the unit installed with permanent power will result in the unit having constant signal, thus no issue of losing any trip info.
  • Also be sure to have the unit in line of sight to the skies. The signal can transmit through plastic but not through steel, so be sure to place the unit appropriately.
  • When you download from the device, be sure to download using the correct COM port number. Choosing the incorrect COM port number will result in the device appearing to be empty.
  • Also make sure that there is data on your device. ‘Number Records’ indicate data on the device when in the download screen (GR-102).
  • Also note that some trips that where made consecutively could have been recorded as one trip. Use the Plot Trip(s) function in the reports section to inspect.
  • Ultimately, if the unit has uninterrupted power and it has been verified, and it still misses some trips and/or does not record at all, then the unit may be faulty.

If that is the case, please contact with exact procedural and problem information so that we may make arrangements.